Carpet King: Our independent review

Carpet King

The carpet company named Carpet King based out of Minnesota is definitely a company you should consider. This is a review of this carpet company based off of my experience.

I initially went to Carpet King just browsing and seeing what my options were. I was courteously greeted by a salesman who asked if I needed any help. I initially said no and went on my way. After browsing for a bit I had some questions on installation and went back to the salesman. He politely answered my questions without being pushy. I then asked him some questions on different carpet options they had, which he answered very informatively.

I then left the store after having a great experience. After a week or so when I was ready to decide on the carpet I wanted I headed back to Carpet King as they gave me the best user experience and had very reasonable rates. I purchased the carpet I wanted and once again had a great experience all around.

When the carpet came to be installed I was worried the experience would be less than perfect. This was due to previous experiences where the workers either left a mess, didn’t move the furniture back, or were just rude in general. This was not the case though with the King of Carpets! The installation went very quickly, they left no mess, and were very polite and respectful.

I could not be more happy with my experience and would definitely recommend the Carpet King to anyone in the Minnesota area that is looking for the best carpet experience around.