Things you Must Know: Dream Weaver Carpet Reviews

Dream Weaver Carpet Reviews

Dream Weaver carpet is a great choice for any carpeting project you have. After a lot of research of different carpets I went with this brand. Here are my initial reasons why:

  1. The carpet is solution dyed, meaning that the color goes all the way through the carpet. Yes, it seems like all carpet should do this, but with some research apparently, some are just dyed at the surface.
  2. Lifetime stain warranty – They not only claim their carpet is stain proof, but they also back it with a lifetime stain warranty. This was a huge plus for me since almost every carpet claims to be stain proof, but in reality, they still stain.
  3. Lifetime pet resistant warranty – This is a huge plus for since I have two big dogs.
  4. LIfetime fade resistant warranty – I have seen so many reviews about other carpet companies where the carpet fades in just a few years. I feel like this is one of the bigger pain points with carpet. I have had carpet fade in just a few years as well. So this was like a huge huge plus for me.

So now that you know why I bought the carpet let me tell you about my experience so far.

I bought the carpet to go in our living room. I wanted it to be nice as this is the room most guest will be in.

I had Home Depot install the carpet. They came out with two men and did a great job. When they left the carpet looked amazing.

Since then it has been in my house for roughly 3 years. It still looks as good as the day we bought it. They really lived up to the no stain, no fade, pet resistant claims. We have made plenty of messed of the carpet and everything that we throw at it comes out perfectly.

I would highly recommend this carpet!