Independent Consumer Report: Masland Carpet Reviews

Masland Carpet Reviews

Masland Carpet is overall a fine carpet company. I would compare them to super store groceries. They are a fine option, but I mean there are definitely not as good as grocery store groceries.

One big red flag for me is their warranty. Their warranty only covers 2 years for manufacturing defects. Now in my research and experience with carpet, most companies offer a 20-year warranty covering defects, stains, wear and tear, you name it, most carpet companies cover it. The only thing is that you have to follow their carpet care standards to keep your warranty intact, which is completely reasonable. So when you see a company that basically does not even stand behind their own product then why would a customer want to purchase it either?

Well their price might be one reason. Their prices are cheaper than a lot of other companies. So if you have a child’s room, a workshop, or something that will have a ton or carpet wear and tear anyways and you don’t care about it looking nice, then this might be a good fit for you.

Other than that, I would not recommend this product.