Mohawk Carpet Reviews: Buying Guide

Mohawk Carpet Reviews

Mohawk carpet is a great carpet company! I went with their SmartStrand carpet and was very pleased with my purchase. I really liked a shade of light blue that they had and had it installed in my son’s room.

One big thing that drew me to Mohawk is that their SmartStrand carpet is supposed to be stain proof. Now I took this with a grain of salt before making the purchase, because I feel like most companies claim this, but not all actually are. However, after reading some other customer reviews I could not find anywhere saying it was not. So with this, I made the purchase.

I am very satisfied with how the carpet turned out.

Now as a note I have only had this carpet for a few months now. I have read multiple reviews where the carpet quality is low and in a few more years it will look really rough.

I personally did not mind this though since it was going in my young son’s room. In a room like that no carpet will make it more than a few years. However so far the stain proof claim is actually quite accurate. My son spills stuff on that carpet all the time and it always comes out.