Phenix Carpet Reviews: The Ultimate Guide

Phenix Carpet Reviews

Phenix is a great carpet brand. I have had Phenix carpet installed in my house for 10 years now and I have a few compaints, but I am mostly happy with my pruchase.

Here are my complaints:

  1. When I first bought the carpet it smelled very strongly like new carpet for months. Now I know you may be thinking that this is something I should have expected. However I mean the smell was stronger than the regular new carpet smell and it lasted much longer than you would expect.
  2. The carpet is a little more worn out that I would have liked after 10 years. 10 years is obviously a long time, but for carpet it is not that long actually. Most carpets will last or at least claim to last for about 20 years or so. So with this in mind having the carpet be middle aged about, it looks older than it is. Now not terribly older, but older.

Beyond those two complaints the carpet is great. It is stain resistant, very soft, and looks great.