What to Know Before Buying: Shaw Carpet Reviews

Shaw Carpet Reviews

Shaw Floors is not a company I would recommend. I searched all around and finally decided on Shaw carpet to carpet my home.

I am writing this review because when I was searching for the best carpet for me I could not find any solid reviews that talked about customer experiences with Shaw.

I bought the most expensive and what I thought high quality carpet Shaw had to offer. I had heard from a friend that they had great customer service and she loved her carpet. Unfortunately for me she had just got her carpet installed.

So with this in mind I purchased carpet from Shaw. They were amazing to work with and came and installed it beautifully. I was very pleased with my purchase and my surface. My carpet looked great.

Well that was four years ago now. Now my opinion has changed drastically. When I made the purchase there was a 20 year warranty, which made me think the carpet would hold up great! I mean with that warranty why would I worry about my carpet not lasting?

Unfortunately I was very wrong. 4 years after my carpet was purchased it looks like it is 20 years old already. And mind me, I do not mistreat my carpets. I vacuum twice a week, don’t wear shoes on it and have it regularly cleaned.

I was of course upset and called Shaw Floors. They were very curious on the phone and sent a representative out to take a look.

When the representative got out to my house and took a look it only made me more upset. They told me that it was my fault the carpet did not hold up as well as it should have. They said I needed to vacuum more and have it professionally cleaned more often.

This was so frustrating because I do, do these things! Maybe I am not perfect at it, but I mean I am pretty good at it. Definitely good enough at doing these things to not have my carpet last only 4 years. If it was coming up on 20 years I could understand my not cleaning my carpet perfectly so it lost a few years on its life, but not this extreme.

Now, Shaw’s customer service was great after this meeting once again. After the representative left, I got in contact with customer support. After a little talking the ending up refunding me my purchase cost, which I was happy with.

I would still not go with Shaw carpet though, just do to the hassle of everything. Putting in carpet all through your house is a pain, and having to do it every few years would be just awful.