Stainmaster Carpet Reviews: Our Independent Review

Stainmaster Carpet Reviews

Stainmaster carpet is the worst carpet I have ever owned. I was assured by their company that it was very durable and could easily withstand anything we could throw at it within reason. They also showed me that they have a 20-year warranty. With this, I was sold and had it installed in my house. Unfortunately, I was just that… sold.

It began when I noticed that 6 months after my install I was still getting carpet fibers in my vacuum. I thought this was odd, but hoped it was nothing and went on my way.

My next sign is when my child spit up on the carpet. I cleaned the carpet with excellent carpet cleaner that always worked for me previously. This time it left a huge spot in the carpet. I tried everything to get the stain out, but nothing happened. The stain faded over the next few months, but it made my family terrified of making a mess on the carpet. Unfortunately this happened with every stain.

The last straw for me was when the carpet was visibly worse off, just 18 months later. I could already start to see trails where my family walked regularly.

I called Stainmaster and wanted to have them back their warranty and replace my carpet. Unfortunately they would do nothing. They told me it was my fault for not taking proper care of the carpets and the warranty was void. I asked them where I went wrong because I followed the carpet maintenance guidelines to a T. They never gave me a straight answer and eventually stopped responding to me.