Home Depot Carpet Reviews: Consumer Report

Home Depot Carpet Reviews

While Home Depot does not have their own branded carpet, they do have very high-quality carpet at their stores for you to choose from. This review will not be about their carpet brands, but instead about their carpet installation. If you would like to check out reviews for carpet brands go to our carpet company review page.

In my experience Home Depot has in general always been a great store to shop at with great customer service. They have always gone above and beyond to help me as much as I can with any project I have. However I digress from the review on their carpet installation.

When I had them come to install my carpet they did a great job. I was having two rooms get new carpet in them. Two men came and were very nice and courteous. They moved all the furniture in the rooms installed the carpet within just a few hours. When they were done they asked me if I wanted the furniture back in the room. I told them yes, and they happily moved it all back.

When they were all finished they made sure to clean up any mess they had made.

When I went to look at the job they had done it looked amazing. There are not complaints here on my end. I would highly recommend Home Depot for your carpet installation.