Lowes Carpet Reviews: Read this Before Buying

Lowes Carpet Reviews

While Lowes does not have a carpet brand of their own, they do have high-quality carpet to select from at their stores. With this being said this will be about their carpet installation service. If you would like to see reviews about specific carpet brands go to our carpet company review page.

I purchased carpet with Lowes do to their selection and at the time a sale they were running that gave me a discount on their carpet installation.

I scheduled to have the carpet put in on a Monday and was very pleasantly surprised by my experience with the Lowes carpet installers. When they showed up they were very courteous and moved everything out of the room I was getting carpeted. Once they knew exactly what they wanted, they did their job while I worked in another room. A few hours later they can and showed me that the job was done.

They cleaned up after themselves and even moved back the furniture to how it was with the old carpet (as per my request). The also asked me if I wanted my old carpet, I told them no. So with this they took it with them.

When they left you could never had noticed that workers were in their all day installing carpet. That is how clean they left the area.

Overall I am very pleased with my Lowes carpet installation experience.