The 5 Main Types of Carpet Texture

Carpet Texture

There are 5 main types of carpet textures that you can buy. This article will help guide you through the basics of each type so you can make an informed decision while buying the perfect carpet for your needs.

Loop: This is a very elegant and nice looking texture of the carpet. The carpet tufts are looped back into the carpet, so that there are no loose strands. This is very common in offices. The loops can vary from a high carpet pile to a short carpet pile. The height of the pile you choose should depend on the amount of traffic you expect on the carpet. If you are having higher traffic you should consider a low loop pile, as it will stand the test of time better.

Cut and Loop: This is a mix of the loop carpet texture and some loose strands. The pile of this carpet is usually quite low, but the loop strands can be made in a higher pile as well. This is a good mix to add a little comfort to the loop carpet texture. It has the nice look of loop texture with a little added softness from the cut strands.

Plush: This texture of carpet is a very popular one. The pile height is very even giving it a flat and smooth look. The strands all go straight up to make a very uniform look. It is pretty cushy and will leave imprints in the carpet for a second when you walk over it.

Texture: This carpet texture has an uneven pile height. This is due to the lefts of tufts being different heights. This helps to hide footprints or vacuum marks. This texture holds up better with heavily used carpet; such as in a family home with small children.

Frieze: This is similar to texture. This carpet texture has twisted tuffs that go in all different directions. This gives it a looser feel like texture, but all these tuffs are an even height, like plush. Basically, this is a good middle ground of being a little more elegant like plush, but have more durability against wear and tear like texture.