Pros and Cons of Shag Carpet

Shag Carpet

What is shag carpet?

Shag is a term for a type of carpet or rug that has well a shaggy appearance. This is due to it having a deep pile. You may be asking what that means. It basically means that the individual carpet strands and longer than other carpets.

Pros of shag Carpet?

Many people like the retro look of shag carpet. It can give a nice look to any room.

Due to the deep pile, a shag rug or carpet is extremely comfortable. It is very cushy and nice to walk on.

Cons of Shag Carpet?

The price and cost of maintenance can really add up. When you buy a shag carpet you see the price up front, but what some people do not realize is that the cleaning costs of shag carpet is very high. Since they are such a thick carpet they are difficult to clean and if you get them professionally cleaned they are more expensive than other carpets.

Another con is that over time this type of carpet can unravel over time. This means that you will have pieces of carpet slowly getting tracked around your house in places that they should not be.

Lastly, if you have bad allergies shag is probably not for you. Since the carpet is so thick and deep, it will catch a lot of dust and dirt. It will hold on to this for dear life deep in the carpet fibers and is pretty tricky to fully get out.

Overall Opinion:

If you don’t have allergies and want a carpet or rug that is soft and looks great for a couple of years this is a great option for you. You just have to keep in mind that in a couple of years it might start to unravel and be dirty enough that it gets hard to maintain. So if you are up for throwing out your rug or carpet in a few years, then definitely get shag.

If you are looking for a long term carpet shag is a lot of upkeep. It can work, but just be ready for a lot of carpet care the older it gets.